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Q&A: How is this personal comment for a Bike Shop job?

1 Comment 23 August 2010

Question by Naked Snake: How is this personal comment for a Bike Shop job?
This is the personal comment section for a bike shop job. Im not very good at writing so how is it? Good? Bad? And if so which parts? Thanks allot

As a child I often accompanied my mum to her stalls with her Shopmobility and spent hours watching her work. When I was older, buy viagra I sometimes set up displays, waited on customers, and anything else she asked me to. This experience instilled in me the desire to own and manage my own business someday, yet I understand that the business world today is more complex I still understand the basic elements.

In addition to my helping out at my mums work, I have had numerous other work experiences from other jobs.
Although my CV explains some of the workplaces I have been on a payroll for I have gained valuable expertise with other voluntary organisations; at 6th form I was part of the BMX X Races club where I headed the organisation team as I have 13 years of bike history form mountain biking and BMXing where over the years have gained a refined knowledge of different makes of bikes, how bikes work, how they break and how to fix them which I think would help a lot with this job.

Best answer:

Answer by Amy L
Good info but bad form. Try this:

I am very interested in the role of (insert job title). I feel my unique past experiences have prepared me to work in such a role. While my CV gives more details on my past employment, it does not reflect the additional outside experiences that I believe make me an excellent candidate. I have 13 years of personal biking experience gained from mountain biking and BMX races, where I headed organisational team of the BMX X Races club. I believe my personal knowledge of the various bike manufactureres, working parts, and repair would help me in this role.

In addition, as a child, I would accompany my mother to her business. This gave me the opportunity to greet and assist customers, set up displays, and instill a desire in me to one day one and manage my own business. I believe that the (insert job title) role will help me further my business knowledge to achieve my long term personal goals.

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