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12 Volt Battery for Electric Mobility Scooter – A14401 Reviews

No Comments 02 November 2010

12 Volt Battery for Electric Mobility Scooter – A14401

Price: $ 63.88

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electric wheelchairs

Mobility Products & Design Announces AMKAR E-6 – Six Passenger ADA Compliant Wheelchair Accessible Electric Car

No Comments 24 October 2010

Winamac, treat IN (PRWEB) February 14, 2008

Mobility Products Design (MPD) announced today that AMKAR E-6, a six passenger, wheelchair accessible, battery powered vehicle is available for sale through dealerships worldwide. AMKAR E-6 joins its sibling, the four passenger AMKAR E-4, in MPD’s successful green transportation and drive ability product lines for the physically challenged.

“We received a lot of positive feedback for AMKAR E-4. The E-4 can comfortably transport one wheelchair passenger and three ambulatory passengers. However some commercial customers told us that there was a need for an AMKAR that could transport more passengers,” said Tom Bonnell, General Manager, MPD. “Based on Global Electric Motors (GEM) G-6 133″ wheelbase, we designed the AMKAR E-6 specifically to meet that need. Depending on the sizes of the wheelchairs and passengers, E-6 is capable of transporting 6 passengers, two in wheelchairs and four ambulatory. We developed E-6’s modular flip and roll front and second row seats to be removable. This allows for making space adjustments in the vehicle based on the size of wheelchair, scooter or other special needs of passengers being driven. At this time, we are proud to say that MPD is the only manufacturer of low speed, electric vehicles that can comfortably transport passengers in wheelchairs that are also ADA (American Disability Act) compliant.”

The AMKAR E-6 and E-4 wheelchair accessible ramps are designed so that they can be opened or closed with the push of a button. This allows for safe and easy entry or exit of the vehicle for a wheelchair occupant. Inside AMKAR, the occupant can either drive or remain in their wheelchair while being driven. Either way, the wheelchair is easily locked into place with the simple push of a button and the occupant secured with AMKAR’s safety belt system. A driver can use the standard gas and brake foot pedals or a physically challenged driver can operate AMKAR with an optional MPD Push/Pull 3400 Series Hand Control.

Laws regarding low-speed vehicle use vary from state to state. To meet NHTSA’s safety requirements, the AMKAR E-6 and E-4 are equipped with safety glass windshields, headlamps, taillights, turn signals, high mounted stoplights, mirrors, and three-point safety belts. Both AMKARs use GEM’s 72 volt battery-electric powered chassis. Their six 12-volt maintenance-free gel batteries can be charged or topped-off anytime by plugging into a standard 110-volt outlet. Under proper conditions, E-6 and E-4 will get up to 30 miles on fully charged batteries. They are electronically limited to a top speed of 25 mph in order to meet Federal Low-Speed Vehicle requirements. They can be driven on public roads that are posted 35 mph or less in the United States. E-6 comes with an optional “S” package that provides extra cargo-carrying capabilities.

Mr. Bonnell added, “Think of how many people you see at airports, universities, resorts and other venues all around the world using wheelchairs and scooters to get around. Now think of all the golf-cart type vehicles we see at these venues that can only carry folks without wheelchairs or scooters. Replacing every one of these vehicles with an AMKAR will make low speed, electric transportation accessible for all. At MPD, our mission is to develop new products to change the world of the physically challenged to that of the physically able. Whether they’re products that make your vehicle easier to drive, or transportation products such as AMKAR that make it easier for you to get around, we will continually strive to break the physical barrier between no or limited independence and the independence to go where you want to go, when you want to.”    

About Mobility Products Design (MPD)

MPD is a division of Braun Motor Works and has been proudly serving the driving needs of the physically challenged for over 25 years. Additional information about MPD and AMKAR can be found at MobilityProductsDesign.com. Member National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA).

Contact Information

Tom Bonnell

General Manager

Mobility Products Design

144 South 100 West

Winamac, IN 46996

Tel: 800-488-7688


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electric wheelchairs

Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooter – TravelScoot

7 Comments 17 October 2010

Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooter – www.travelscoot.com – Portable Folding Travel Scooter – The TravelScoot is the world’s lightest and most compact foldable mobility travel scooter or electric wheelchair! It folds and unfolds as quick and easy as an umbrella and it fits where no mobility scooter has fit before! The perfect choice for people with limited mobility, prescription the TravelScoot is designed for those who have walking difficulties or orthopedic problems, but are otherwise still fairly mobile. Not available in Medical Supplies Stores, Orthopedic Equipment Dealers or Scooter Retailers. If you have tried other mobility scooters like Invacare, Mini, Jazzy, Pride, Amigo, Celebrity, Featherlite, Moxie, Boundaries, Go Go, Legend, Bruno, Sidekick, Sonic, Synergy, Sundancer, Victory, Wrangler, Traveler, EverMed Nutron, Quickie, Sunrise, Hurricane, Maxima, Rally or others, you will find the TravelScoot to be the lightest, most portable and convienent scooter or wheelchair that you have ever used.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

electric wheelchairs

I think those electric wheelchairs would make good commuting transport?

3 Comments 11 October 2010

Question by jack: I think those electric wheelchairs would make good commuting transport?
They have a range of about 30km. They could be charged up during the day at work. If powered by nuclear, generic solar, unhealthy or hydro power there would be a great reduction in greenhouse gas as freeway fulls of cars would not be needed on the daily commute. I realise they would need minor adaptions for weather. What do others think?

Best answer:

Answer by gomanyes562
I think you’re high.

Add your own answer in the comments!

electric wheelchairs

Gas2Electricity- Convert Your Gas Car To Electric Power. 33.92/Sale

No Comments 01 October 2010

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