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Rover 4 Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter – Battery Change

4 Comments 03 September 2010

Changing the battery on the Rover mobility scooter.
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Electric Mobility Scooter Reviews. 3 and 4 wheel. Up to 500 pound capacity. Golden Technologies Avenger 4 Heavy duty 4 wheel Scooter. I’m not a pro, recipe I just want to share so others can see one of these rarely reviewd scooters. These scooters are superb and reviews are few, buy viagra so I’ll post one about my Avenger. This is a great scooter! It is very HIGH QUALITY. I have owned many scooters and powerchairs. I did a lot of research to find the most reliable low maintence scooter with easy to buy parts, (out of ‘MY’ own pocket), should I need them. And one to handle long drives on hot days here in Escondido, Ca. I drive the heck out of this scootor for long periods. That is what I bought it for. I have a powerchair for short period cool use and travel on busses, trains etc. I get the same 15-18 mile BATTERY range from both my Avenger and my Pride. My Golden Avenger 4 fits into my apartment ELEVATER, goes up and easily drives into my 3rd floor apartment. I also take it grocery shopping up and down normal size isles. In small shops with cramped isles, I drive in and have the clerk fetch what I want. My Golden Technologies Avenger 4 is very rugged, is high quality construction and the design was well thought out. Has a big 4 pole motor. 4 pole motors provide more POWER, RUN COOLER, and HAVE LONGER LIFE than the 2 pole motors found in most other scooters. 2 pole motors are made for intermittent use, not long drives. So with my Golden Avenger 4, I can go out in 100 degre weather without

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