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Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooter – TravelScoot

7 Comments 17 October 2010

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  1. artdolls says:

    That’s a terrific device. I have a small mobility scooter, but yours would be so much more convenient. I transport mine in the back of my pickup.

  2. erikhunt123 says:

    this guys a freakin genius and he playin it so cool

  3. gizmobytes says:

    Very impressive design and well conceived. For a niche market of users this would be a fantastic solution. Why not put a DPDT revering polarity switch to obtain reverse? Congrats on elegant functional design.

  4. mmmoira says:

    Really impressive, well done! Suits a niche market, and looks easy to assemble, and fun to use. Good luck with it.

  5. TravelScoot says:

    The TravelScoot is so lightweight that no reverse gear is needed. Just put your feet on the ground and walk the travelscoot backwards like a bicycle.

  6. MrTard says:

    hummm no reverse

  7. mohalive says:

    so sempel eazy like a toy !wow

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