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Power Wheelchair C320

9 Comments 23 August 2010

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  1. ldjaxx says:

    @temresnes sorry wrong Mod f55 . but this is cool I would love one

  2. temresnes says:

    why not ??

  3. temresnes says:

    Possibly you may buy it directly from sermax .

  4. Katilea69 says:

    I like the Quickie F55 design too, this one looks lighter though. Can you buy them in UK?

  5. ldjaxx says:

    apparently it’s no longer in production …
    sad really loved it the looks the proformance ……. shame i destroyed my to young and reckless

  6. temresnes says:

    you may tell me more about f55 s ..i m very interested….

  7. ldjaxx says:

    look alright ………….. still prefer f55 s

  8. DeziYulia says:


  9. temresnes says:

    From a new manufacturing in China / Zhejiang province

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